A 2D model for analysis of rain-wind induced vibration of stay cables

  • Truong Viet Hung Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thuyloi University, 175 Tay Son street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Vu Quang Viet Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vietnam Maritime University, 484 Lach Tray street, Le Chan district, Hai Phong, Vietnam


Rain-wind induced vibration of stay cables (RWIV) in cable-stayed bridges is a special aerodynamic phenomenon as it is easy to be influenced by many factors, especially velocity and impact angle of wind. This paper proposes a new assumption of the impact angle of wind on the cable in analyzing cable vibration response subjected to wind and rain. This angle is considered as a harmonic oscillation function around the equilibrium position that is the initial angle of impact, and its angular frequency equals of the rivulet and the cable. The amplitude of impact angle of wind depends on wind velocity, initial position and that of rivulet. The assumption is verified by comparison with experimental results. The effects of rivulet oscillation components and aerodynamic forces are also discussed in this paper.

Keywords: cable; rain-wind induced vibration; rivulet; analytical model; vibration.


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Hung, T. V., & Viet, V. Q. (2019). A 2D model for analysis of rain-wind induced vibration of stay cables. Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (STCE) - NUCE, 13(2), 33-47. https://doi.org/10.31814/stce.nuce2019-13(2)-04
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