For Reviewers

Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (STCE) would like to invite all scientists all over the world to offer the enthusiastic and valuable support in peer-review as well as submission of manuscripts to the journal.

To create a database for online peer-review, please fill in the following form and send it to the STCE Journal office via e-mail address:

  1. Scientific Resume Template for Peer-Review

Please download and read carefully the instruction file below to send the review evaluation via the Online system:

  2. Guide for Online Submission of Peer-Review Results

Peer-review Process:

The peer-review process of all manuscripts submitted to Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering is performed in double-blind review (between authors and reviewers) via the Online system.

Each manuscript must be peer-reviewed by at least two scientists who had in-depth researches relevant to the content of the manuscript.

The editorial board selects the reviewers from the archive database in the Journal software. Once selected, the reviewer will receive an automatic notification message to request confirmation through the E-mail address.

The reviewer must login the Online system and click on the box to whether agree or not for reviewing the manuscript. The notification message sent to the reviewer includes the title and abstract of the manuscript. If the reviewer clicks on the agree box, he will receive the full text of the manuscript.

Please download and read this file carefully Guide for Online Submission of Peer-Review Results.