Digital image-based measurement of deflection of specimens in laboratory

  • Nguyen Trong Phu
  • Vu Tien Chuong
  • Dang Viet Hung
  • Nguyen Ba Duan


The paper presents the application of digital image-based measurement of the deflection of reinforced concrete and steel beams in laboratory. So far, in laboratory most measurement of the behavior of specimens were based on conventional equipment such as LVDT and Strain Gauges. However, using such equipment in laboratory is high cost, low repeatable capacity, especially it is difficult to measure the behavior of specimens with irregular geometric shapes. It was realized that Digital Image Correlation methods were applied in mechanic measurements, the authors had built a software based on principles of digital image correlation method to measure the deflection of beams in laboratory. The results of digital image based measurement were compared to those of LVDT equipment.

Received: December 5th, 2017; revised: December 21st, 2017; accepted: February 28th, 2018


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Phu, N., Chuong, V., Hung, D., & Duan, N. (2018). Digital image-based measurement of deflection of specimens in laboratory. Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (STCE) - NUCE, 12(2), 24-30.
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