Guide for Authors

1. General requirements

Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (STCE) published by National University of Civil Engineering provides a forum for announcing and introducing new research and application results in the field of construction which have not been previously published or under review elsewhere. If a part of research content is resulted by an organization or scientific team, it should be agreed in a writing document by them.

Manuscript should not exceed 12 single line spaced pages, typed in Microsoft Office Word 2010 or later, paper size: 19 x 26.5 cm, before paragraph space 6 pt, font type: Times New Roman, font size: 12, margins (top, bottom, left and right): 2 cm.

2. Content requirements

Manuscript should include scientific ideas; urgent research issues; research situations in Vietnam and abroad; main contributions in theory and application; method, means of study; relevant analyses, evaluations, data to prove; necessary contents, written clearly and coherently; use science terminologies exactly; provide adequate citations and references.

3. Format requirements

PAPER TITLE: in both English and Vietnamese, upper case letter, centered.

Abstract: no more than 300 words in length, in both English and Vietnamese, lower case letter.

Keywords: no exceed 10 words, separated by semicolons, in both English and Vietnamese, lower case letter.

Full names of authors: in lower case letter, italic.

Academic title, degree, position, office name and address, phone number and E-mail of authors are in lower case letter, italic.

Manuscript content should be divided in numbered sections and subsections.  

Figures and photos should be clear, not blurred; use Times New Roman font type in lower case letter; include relevant captions and notes below figures and photos, in lower case letter, italic, centered; be numbered and cited in the text.

Tables should be formatted clearly and uniformly; include titles above tables, in lower case letter, italic, centered; be numbered and cited in the text.

Equations should be typed clearly using the MathType in Microsoft Office Word; numbered in order and within parenthesis (…) on the right-hand side of the equation; cited in the text.

Units should be the international system of units (SI).

Acknowledgements must be identified including organizers and individuals who provided help and financial supports in research projects.

References should be listed at the end of the paper, numbered according to the order of appearance in the text, cited in the text in square brackets […] and vice versa; ensure the following APA format:

  • For books, standards, codes, PhD dissertation, research projects, etc.:

Name of author or standard (publishing year in parenthesis). name of book or standard in italic. publisher, publishing location.

  • For papers of journals, conference proceedings, etc.:

Name of author (publishing year in parenthesis). paper title. name of journal or proceeding in italic, volume (issue number in parenthesis): page to page number.

Other foreign languages beyond Latin alphabet should be represented by phonetic symbols according to common principle to Latin alphabet or English.